Zachary’s Bedroom- Set Construction


Moving_MountainsEverything in Zachary’s bedroom was carefully thought out and planned. From the beginning I had an image for what I wanted his bedroom to look like; an overgrown forrest; dark and full of mystery. The set was constructed like all of the others, on a raised stage with bolted removable walls. All four walls of Zachary’s room are removable.
Most of Zachary’s bedroom I handmade. The floorboards each individually cut, stuck down and stained. The wallpaper an original illustration and pasted in strips on the walls just like life size wallpaper. The doors and picture railing all individually cut and painted. Zachary’s bedroom door is fully functioning on hinges. His bedroom floor rug was knitted and all of the coat hangers that lay across the ground carefully twisted and constructed using armature wire. All of the posters and artwork in his bedroom were also carefully thought out and created for the set. My favourite being ‘Moving Mountains’ which I was inspired to create based on the ideas explored in Dr. Suess’ ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’. This set is probably my personal favourite as it really shows the reality of the notions of isolation, adventure, exploration and mental health that I have tried to capture through this entire film in one single room.

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